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Data Discovery.

The Data Discovery module allows you to discover, analyze and correct personal and confidential data at scale.

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What is the Data Discovery solution?

The Data Discovery solution works with detectors, which work with Artificial Intelligence, for context recognition. It can be used to evaluate passwords, credit card numbers, names, email, phone, health information, sexual preferences, political opinions and etc.

In this module it is possible to detect each instance of personal data, pointing to context and signaling its severity. You can even define your own custom detectors.

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How it works?

1. Analyze your data from a dedicated dashboard

Interactive analysis allows you to split and segment all the localized data, including information on their severity, type of storage, type of file, date and, of course, any instances detected and authorizations given, anywhere and by anyone.

2. Now that you have identified the risks of the data obtained, generate reports

From the summary of the confidential data discovered, to reports detailed search by type and severity of results, objects individuals and instances in their context.

3. Data destination

After filtering the files by name, address or any other chosen attribute, export the result to CSV or JSON format. You can import this format into other third-party tools, to quarantine, delete or simply archive the affected objects.

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