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    Module Data discovery

    Privacy Tools' Data Discovery allows for the discovery of personal data, automation of service to data subjects and organizational improvement of the database.

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    What is the Data Discovery solution?

    Data Discovery comes to automate the search and classification of personal data in your databases, file systems, cloud environments, supporting data mapping work. It can be used to assess passwords, credit card numbers, names, email addresses, phone numbers, health information, sexual preferences, etc. You can even define your own custom detectors.


    Discover the main features


    Data Search and Sensitive Data

    Analyze your databases, cloud and files for personal data.



    Install platform on your infrastructure or use in the cloud in a segregated environment.



    Automate the search and detection of personal data.


    People search

    Use API's or the system to fetch data from a person.


    Grouping of holders

    And when a data subject is found in multiple places? Use our data bundler.


    Windows, Linux and Mac Agents

    Install data seekers on individual workstation machines.

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