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    Module Data Mapping

    Privacy Tools Data Mapping allows you to create and manage the lifecycle of personal data, legal bases, international transfers and DPIA.

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    Privacy Tools
    Data Mapping

    Create and organize your company's data flow

    The Data Mapping module is ideal for companies to create a map of the data flow within the organization, having a unified view of the data inventory and how this data was planned. In this way this data becomes easily accessible and in compliance with the General Data Protection Law.

    Data Discovery

    Use the Data Mapping Module together with Data Discovery and optimize data collection time.

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    ROPA - Processes - Operations

    Treatment of personal data in a simple way

    Accelerate the creation and maintain the Record of Personal Data Processing Operations in a simple and visual way. Identify sensitive data, legal bases, purposes and technical measures for data processing.

    Data Flow - Data Lineage

    Personal data in a visual and elegant way

    Being able to visualize the flow of personal data in a structured and elegant format through a powerful tool gives you greater agility in decision making and makes maintenance easy, since you can customize the entire flow and its relationships.

    Supplier Risks

    Map your suppliers' risks

    Control the risks of operators who process personal data. You can conduct diagnostic interviews and track each vendor's maturity level, conduct an assessment and record due diligence results in the tool.

    Diagnoses and Standards

    Start with ready-made diagnostic templates

    Use ready-made templates to apply diagnostics such as ISO27001, NIST, among others. Create a company maturity map in just a few steps and don't lose control over the processing of personal data carried out by third parties.

    DPIA/RIPD - Impact Report 2.0

    Create, customize and automatically generate the impact report

    Create and edit your own templates for issuing impact analysis (RIPD/DPIA) for your company.

    API and Integrations

    Easily integrate your system with our API

    Robust API with OAuth2 authentication for developers to automate data mapping. Native integration with Data Discovery and Excel spreadsheets.

    Activity Workflow

    Organize and manage your team's activities

    Create tasks for your privacy team to conduct the gathering of information related to a processing activity. Manage everything through kambam with fit project action plans.

    Dashboards & Reports

    Demonstrate the compliance project to the entire team

    Demonstrate the compliance project through dashboards and reports with temporality table, use of legal bases, maturity diagnosis, international transfer, and many others.

    Business Intelligence

    Activate the Privacy Tools BI feature and have complete freedom to create and customize your own reports.

    Security and reliability in your LGPD, GRC and ESG projects;

    Competitive advantage;

    Efficiency and productivity.

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