Data Subject (Access) Request

Also known as DSAR, Data Subject (Access) Request is a fulfillment platform specializing in the holder’s rights. When a person wants to make a request that is their right, such as having access to their private information, requesting data removal or asking for informations about their use, this should be done by a specialized channel with appropriate service.

How it works?

The Privacy Tools client, customizes a fulfillment form on our platform. You can change colors, logo, and field information. From this, the system generates a link for the customer to insert into the website or application where he wants to deliver a DSAR channel.

Upon sending the order, the user receives an email to confirm their identity. Then, the attendant assigned to respond to holders' rights requests receives the demand. Responses are recorded in the system and sent by email to the holder.

Advantages of Privacy Tools DSAR

  • ● Customization
  • ● Link to online service with captcha
  • ● Order management dashboard
  • ● Email Identity Validation
  • ● Multi language
  • ● Integration with policy module to display them in form

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