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    Module Consent Management

    Allows you to register, manage and renew the consents of data subjects, integrating them with the tools used by the organization.

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    Privacy Tools

    What is the Consent Management solution?

    A module for capturing and managing consents, which works universally. Our solution allows a simple integration with your website and systems for managing consents, such as: terms of use, marketing, cookies, applications, authorizations and among others.

    Consent Management

    How will this module help my business?

    If your company collects data, the duty to prove that consent was obtained accordingly rests with the collecting organization. In other words, it is your company that will have such responsibility and our Consent Management Privacy Tools module was created to support companies in this regard.

    Use of Consent Management

    In this module it is possible to identify which users consented or revoked their consent, presenting an audit of these events. The Consent Management solution provides detailed information about the history of events:


    What the owner has consented to


    When the owner consented


    When the holder revoked consent

    Privacy Portal

    Hire the Consent Management and Owners' Request modules, and get the Privacy Portal module.

    A channel where data subjects will have access to all privacy-related information.

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    Key Features

    Facilitated Consent

    Create and customize consent collection forms. Share via link or QR Code with various company locations: websites, apps, whatsapp, etc.


    Easily renew holders' consent

    Run an email campaign through our tool and easily renew the consent of the holders.


    Connect your system with multiple platforms via webhooks. See all connectors.


    Open Finance

    And the consents of the financial system? Discover the open finance module.

    Keep track of holders' consent data

    Get access to a complete control panel with the consents accepted, revoked and rejected by the holders.

    Business Intelligence

    Activate the Privacy Tools BI feature and have complete freedom to create and customize your own reports.

    Security and reliability in your LGPD, GRC and ESG projects;

    Competitive advantage;

    Efficiency and productivity.

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