Meet the module (CMP), Consent Management that makes it possible to manage adhesions.

The Privacy Tools consent management module (CMP) is a module that allows you to register and manage universal consent.

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What is the Consent Management solution?

A consent capture and management module that works universally. Our solution allows simple integration with your website and systems for managing consents, such as: terms of use, marketing, cookies, apps, authorizations and among others.

How will this module help my business?

If your company collects data, the duty to prove that consent has been obtained is the responsibility of the collecting organization. In other words, it is your company that will have such responsibility and our Privacy Tools module of Consent Management is born to support companies in this regard.

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Use of Consent Management

In this module it is possible to identify which users have consented or revoked their consent, presenting an audit of these events. The Consent Management solution allows you to know in detail the history of events:

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