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    Module Cookie Management

    The Privacy Tools Cookie Management module is used to manage cookies on your website and keep it in compliance.

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    What is the Cookie Management solution?

    The Cookie Management solution allows the automatic identification of cookies used on website pages, enabling classification and creation of a customizable banner. From an easy-to-integrate interface, it also provides your website visitors with control and management over the use of cookies.


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    Auto Search

    The system allows automatic search for cookies, mapping all cookies used on websites. The solution even maps new cookies that may be generated.



    From a single platform, Privacy Tools, you will be able to create and edit all the necessary policies for your website.


    Integration with the site

    The system will generate JavaScript code to install cookie management on your website.


    Consent Control

    We record each visitor's consent allowing you to access and verify the records.


    Native Integrations

    Wordpress, Vtex, Google TagManager, among others.



    An important modification to be introduced is that until the user provides consent, you cannot load these cookie scripts. Therefore, it is necessary to perform the blocking, and condition its execution to the user's consent. The tool automatically locks and unlocks after user action.


    What is the website monitoring solution?

    Site Monitoring is a solution that uses Artificial Intelligence to scan websites in search of compliance criteria, allowing you to assess the level of suitability and make the necessary corrections.

    In addition, it carries out constant or periodic monitoring, generating alerts in cases of changes that represent risks or non-compliance with personal data protection laws.

    Reports generated from site monitoring

    Technical Risk Report

    The technical report will point out the mapped items, the risk fields, allowing the company to quickly identify them and make the necessary corrections.

    Compliance Report

    The compliance report allows you to monitor the website's compliance level, pointing out the criteria met or not, such as: Minimization of collection, Privacy By Default and others.

    Monitor your websites and receive alerts in your email

    Automated auditing of all pages of your system with analysis methods and security criteria, the system searches for problems through different criteria for you to identify what you must protect and comply with the LGPD and other privacy and protection laws of data.

    Business Intelligence

    Activate the Privacy Tools BI feature and have complete freedom to create and customize your own reports.

    Security and reliability in your LGPD, GRC and ESG projects;

    Competitive advantage;

    Efficiency and productivity.

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