Website Monitoring

Monitor your playforms and be alarmed when we found any personal data processing against the rules.

Automated audit of every page of your system with analysis methods and security criteria, the system looks for problems through 10 criteria so you know what to protect and comply with the data protection law.

  • Sensitive Data
  • Privacy by default
  • Principle of Minimization of processing of personal data
  • Processing Purpose Evaluation
  • Information and system security
  • Policy Availability
  • Collection Inconformities
  • User monitoring abuse
  • International Data Sharing and Transfer
  • Storage without consent

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Cookie Identification

Website Monitoring is free and is the first step in being compliant with the GDPR/CCPA/LGPD In addition to receiving updates about your site's compliance with the data protection laws, you have to understand how data is collected in your site and identify which cookies require the user’s consent to collect information.

More transparency

Identify if your site has Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Terms of Use, among other documentation. They are important for GDPR/CCPA/LGPD compliance, as they inform users about data collection, how it works, and what its purposes are.

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