Questions and Answers

What is available on the free Privacy Tools trial?

Test users can diagnose a site free of charge to assess the level of compliance with the General Data Protection Act. Diagnostics identify whether there are privacy policies, consent to use cookies, and many other criteria.

Is this a compliance regulatory software?

Yes, PrivacyTools can be called as a compliance regulatory software once it’s a privacy management software.

What is a PrivacyTech?

If you don’t know what’s a PrivacyTech, clickhere.


Why do I need to comply with the GDPR/CCPA?

Companies that do not protect the personal data of customers, employees and partners may face penalties. These can be data blocking, suspension of data collection activity and fines.

But more important than avoiding penalties is to cherish a good relationship with the user and customer base. Investing for your brand to have credibility and transparency makes you stay in the market. Data protection is part of this, as consumers are increasingly informed about the subject and know their rights to their information.


Am I compliance do GDPR/CCPA with Privacy Tools?

No tool guarantees complete GDPR/CCPA compliance. What Privacy Tools provides privacy management solutions to make your business more appropriate, not only with legislation, but with respect for the privacy of your customers, users and partners’ data. In the tool you will manage your cookie consent banner, your privacy policies and know how much your site is collecting user data.


Can I customize the cookie consent banner?

Yes, the banner can be customized to the colors of your site and you can change the message to best suit the type of language you already use with your visitors.


Does Privacy Tools have a support team?

Yes, our team is ready to serve customers who have questions about using Privacy Tools tools. Our service is from Monday to Friday, during business hours. Online support via email and helpdesk is included in the Silver and Bronze plans while online and telephone support is included in the Gold plan.


What are the forms of payment?

For customers in Brazil there is the option of bank transfer or credit card. For customers outside Brazil, we use Paypal as a billing channel.


Are there discounts for the annual plan?

Amounts are currently available on our site for monthly plans, but you can make the annual hiring if you wish. The discount for the 12 month payment of the platform is 5%.