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    The Privacy Portal module unifies Management
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    What is the Privacy Portal solution?

    The Privacy Portal module allows you to create a space dedicated to the communication and display of all data collected by your company and the consent given by your users, suppliers and other personas identified as Data Owners.

    All this from the use and configuration of the Consent Management and DSAR modules, also offered on the Privacy Tools platform.

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    Tela Portal Privacidade

    A unified, simple and fast channel.

    All the information that the Data Subject needs, in a single space.

    A portal dedicated to the privacy of its users, a way to demonstrate transparency and maintain the possibility of revising consents given and / or revoked within easy access of the owners, whether they are users, customers, suppliers or partners.

    Activation of the Privacy Portal in 3 steps:

    To start using the Privacy Portal module you can activate it in just 3 steps.

    1. Register your Purposes
    Consent is granted or rejected by the holder upon the analysis of a purpose. It is for this purpose (or condition) that the holder consents or does not consent during his life cycle and relationship with the company.

    2. Create a layout and activate your portal
    Within the module you can create a layout, choosing names, languages, inserting your logo and other options to leave it with your brand identity. With the defined layout it will be possible to activate your portal and personalize it with usage preferences.

    3. Integrate your portal with your website or app
    Simple and fast integration. To integrate to your website choose the format "simple link" or "embed by iframe". In the application integration model, the formats differ depending on the technology chosen, but it is basically done by including a link in a webview.

    The easiest way to maintain transparency with your users is here, get to know the Privacy Portal module!

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