Discover the different partnership formats and let Privacy Tools add to your ecosystem.

We’ll together assist and support projects to adapt to data protection laws.

How do Privacy Tools partner programs work?

We offer a privacy management platform, with different modules, enabling you to add value to your business, as well as deliver this value to your ecosystem, using a complete platform validated by the market and which is a reference in Latin America.

Partnership Formats


Exclusive plans offering support modules for the execution of adaptation and implementation projects.



Receive commission rates according to the contracted plan, for resale or referral and have access to the platform.


Como a Indústria será afetada pela LGPD

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Benefits of being a Privacy Tools partner

Discover our TOP 5 benefits of joining one of our partnership models:

Work with a reliable platform, already validated by the market.

Ensure compliance for your business ecosystem.

Conditions to increase your revenue and portfolio.

Count on a team specialized in the segment.

Increase your credibility as a supplier.