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    Policy Management.

    The Privacy Tools Policy Management module
    serves to give transparency on the use data
    on your website.

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    What is the Policy Management solution?

    The Policy Management solution serves to support the creation and control of company policies, both internal and external policies, organizing them in a unique environment.

    In addition, the tool allows an audit trail on revision control, versions, integrity and availability of content.

    How will this module help you to comply with data protection and privacy laws?

    With it it is possible to generate a model with the main points, for personalization and integration to your website. You can still create different types of policies, allowing its integration with the cookie consent banner that you can also create within the software.

    The most used features in the Policy Management module:

    PrivacyTools - LGPD - Políticas

    Creation and Editing:

    From a single platform, you will be able to create and edit all policies necessary for your website.


    After carrying out the reviews, the platform allows you to publish and make available your policies quickly and easily.

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